Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Item informationTitle: The Day After
Genre: Poetry
Publication informationVolume: F (Part I)
  • Publication date: 1867-11-09[?]

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    Sources/ReviewsSources consulted by researcher:
    • The Poetry of William Gilmore Simms: An Introduction and Bibliography
    Composition history ''Ballad.''  Columbia Daily Phoenix (May 20, 1865).

    ''The Day After.''  Southern Society, I (Nov. 9, 1867), 45 [Conjectured source of clipping].
    Description ''Roar and revel, revel and roar, ...''

    Clipping reads: THE DAY AFTER | [rule] | BY W. GILMORE SIMMS, LL.D. | [rule] 
    Notes Position: right