Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Scrapbook E (Part II) >> [Page 111] >> Ann Pamela Cunningham.

Item informationTitle: Ann Pamela Cunningham.
Genre: Journalism
Publication informationVolume: E (Part II)
  • Publication date: 1858-05-15

Time periods

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    Places of publication:

    Composition history Charleston Courier, LVII (May 19, 1858), 1. 
    Description ''Delicacy has forbidden hitherto any personal ...'' 

    Clipping reads: [double rule] | Ann Pamela Cunningham.  

    Position: left, folded over

    Clipping includes original material and a reprinted article entitled ''The Southern Matron'' originally published in the Marion (Ala.) American.

    Part of the masthead and the date of the publication, which read ''vening'' and ''May 15, 1858,'' are visible through the clipping, suggesting that clipping originally appeared in the Charleston Evening News four days prior to its publication in the Courier.