Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Scrapbook E (Part I) >> [Page 37] >> Florida and Texas. No. IV

Item informationTitle: Florida and Texas. No. IV
Genre: Correspondence
Publication informationVolume: E (Part I)
  • Date of letter: 1860-04-18

Time periods

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    Description ''It is not alone to the great superiority of her climate, ...''

    Clipping reads: [double rule] | [bracket] FOR THE COURIER. [close bracket] | Florida and Texas. | NO. IV. | GAINESVILLE, FLA., April 18, 1860.
    Notes Position: top left, folded over

    Clipping is part of a series of correspondences written by Verdad about Florida and Texas that appeared in Charleston newspapers during 1860.  Though it is addressed to the Mercury, exact source of clipping has not been found.

    Some of the text in the last paragraph of clipping has been cut off.