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Item informationTitle: [Notes to ''The Antiquitates Americanae''] (Page 487)
Genre: History
Publication informationVolume: F (Part II)

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    Composition history Magnolia (Oct. 1841), 481-488.
    Description ''chants, in coloured garments; and when they had ...''

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    These clippings are excerpts from The Discoveries of America by the Northmen in the Tenth Century by N.L. Beamish.  Simms used these as notes to ''The Antiquitates Americanae,'' a brief historical piece that continues ''The Discoveries of the Northmen,'' an essay Simms had written for the September 1841 number of the Magnolia.

    It should be noted that these excerpts are also found verbatim in several other 19th century works on Norse exploration of North America.  Beamish was seemingly a collaborator with Edmund F. Slafter and Prof. Carl Christian Rufn, and their names often appear alongside or in place of that of Beamish in these other publications.