Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Item informationTitle: Skeleton Essays (Page 112)
Genre: Miscellany
Publication informationVolume: F (Part II)
  • Publication date: c. 1849 - 1850

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  • The Letters of William Gilmore Simms, Vol. 1-5
Composition history These ''skeleton essays'' will later reappear in Simms's 1853 Egeria: or, Voices of Thought and Counsel, for The Woods and Wayside.  According to the editors of the Letters, Simms published many of the laconics that reappear in Egeria in Richards' Weekly Gazette from 1849-1850; this is the likely source of these clippings.

See Letters (2: 316, 3: 177n).
Description ''consternation, notches upon the trees around him of the ...''
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