Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Scrapbook F (Part II) >> [Page 138] >> The Conscript (Page 128)

Item informationTitle: The Conscript (Page 128)
Genre: Short Stories
Publication informationVolume: F (Part II)
  • Publication date: 1838-08

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    Places of publication:

    Composition history Southern Literary Journal (Aug. 1838), 122-129 [Source of clipping].
    Description '''None go out of my hands without due warrant.  My name is ...''
    Notes Position: whole page

    This story is fronted by a manuscript page reading ''The Conscript. A Tale'' in Simms's Hand; taken alongside Simms's known editorship of the SLJ at this point, this is almost certainly by Simms, even though it is unsigned.

    ''The Conscript'' concludes on four lines at the top of page 129; Simms has appended these four lines to the bottom of this page.