Wlliam Gilmore Simms
Scrapbook E (Part I) >> [Page 83] >> Whitaker's Magazine (Fragment) / Greenville and Columbia R.R. CO. (Two Items)

Item informationTitle: Whitaker's Magazine (Fragment) / Greenville and Columbia R.R. CO. (Two Items)
Genre: Miscellany
Publication informationVolume: E (Part I)
  • Publication date: 1851

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    Description ''The publication of this work which has ...''

    Clipping reads: [rule] | WHITAKER'S MAGAZINE. | Published Monthly, at Columbia, S.C. | [text of ''Whitaker's Magazine''] | GREENVILLE AND COLUMBIA R.R. CO. | ENGINEER'S OFFICE, | Columbia, May 9th, 1851. | [text of ''Greenville and Columbia R.R. CO.]
    Notes Position: top left

    Clipping consists of two items.  The first is the fragment of a message from the editors of Whitaker's Magazine.  

    The second is a brief notice announcing the reception of proposals for the construction of new depots at various stations along the Greenville and Columbia Railroad.  This second item is signed by Wm. Spencer Brown, the railroad company's first assistant engineer, whose name is partially visible at the bottom of clipping.