Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Secondary Scholarship | 1993
Transcription had the most sweet and musical voice, like the fife and a flute; and now,
she says, sometimes, it's horrid like a screech owl.' Well, Judge, I took
the Doctor's advice, and I put out, with dog and gun; and it jest happened
as the Doctor tell'd me; and I got it a riggilar medicine now, whenever
I'm off my feed, to put out for a week's hunt; and Lord love you, Judge,
when I gets back, Sall is punier than ever; and we're the happiest couple
for two weeks, on a stretch, you ever laid eyes on!"


'An introduction and index to the contents of the forty essays can
be found in Greer's M.A. thesis, "An Index to 'Our Literary Docket' by
William Gilmore Simms," University of Georgia, 1991.