Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Scholarship | 1993
Transcription The Edwin Mellen Press agrees to advertise, display, and provide review copies
of all its Simms Society publications, and also agrees to keep these books in print

John C. Guilds
President, the Simms Society
May 1994


In even-numbered years, beginning in 1994, the Edwin Mellen Press will
award a $300 prize to the writer of the best book-length manuscript on Simms (to
be selected by a committee of the Simms Society) and will publish the manuscript
as a hard-bound book. The winning author is responsible for providing camera-
ready copy to the Press. No royalties will be paid; no financial subvention

The summer 1994 SIMMS REVIEW
will be a special issue devoted
to Simms' poetry. The editors
solicit articles and notes upon
any aspect of this subject.