Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 16

Music | 1993
Transcription 16.

By all we both remember of the past,
When thy young beating heart with mine first met;
By that warm kiss, the dearest and the last,
Whose sweetness on my lips is lingering yet,
By thy free vow to dare with me the blast,
Nor in the world's frown suffer one regret;
By all the love thou gav'st me & still hast,
My heart defies thine ever to forget.
Thou still must love me on, through weal and woe
Howe'er the wall between us has been set;
They cannot teach thy bosom not to know;
'Tis now, with parting only, comes regret.
Thou knowest I love thee, and thine eyes will flow,
To think how mine must ever inure be wet;
By these I triumph, these defeat the blow,
These dare thee these defy thee to forget.
I defy thee to forget