Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Secondary Scholarship | 1993
Transcription 32


In the Atlanta Plantation for 25 June 1870 (p. 360), an obituary describes
Simms's last days in the city where he was born. The account states that the
famous author "a week before his death was well enough to join in an excursion
down the harbor." Simms remained "conscious to the end, his last words being,
Not long! "°
These two significant new biographical details were quoted from yet
another previously unrecorded obituary in the Charleston Daily News of 13 June
1870. Here Simms was called the "ornament and pride of the State he loved so
well." Does a copy of this issue of the Daily News still exist? The editor of
Simms Review encourages a student with access to these files to help us find the full version, obviously recorded by one who had close knowledge of Simms's last days. Might there be other such significant details in the complete account?

"As nearly as the South had a center in the Republic of Letters following
the age when Monticello was such a place, Simms's plantation (called Woodlands)
was it.”
---Lewis Simpson, The Dispossessed Garden