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Secondary Scholarship | 1993
Transcription 43


Frank Coleman of this issue asks Simmsians if they have any suggestions
as to what illustration in the Simms canon may have featured the Captain A. J.
Daniel house. Family tradition has it in a book of poems; but the editor of The
Simms Review cannot recollect any frontispiece featuring scenery or buildings in
any of the Simms poetry volumes. This is a good question to keep in mind as we
browse our Simms collections. I wonder if the house was not described in words
rather than engraved in one of Simms's works. The Review encourages our readers
to search and reply.


From our last Review, we know that Simms ordered plants from the
Pomaria Nurseries and visted there. Now from descendants of the Summer family,
Simms's hosts at Pomaria, we learn: "William Gilmore Simms was a family
friend. He was said to have written some of his prose tales at Pomaria. There ar
now in existence autographed copies of four of his books given to his friend,
'Miss Summer of Pomaria, with the respectful compliments of the author-1862."
Miss Summer was Catherine Parr Summer (1823-1906), hostess at the plantation
for her unmarried brother William. [From a letter of Rosalyn Summer Sease to
James Kinard, published in Bulletin of the Newberry County Historical Society,
11 (Dec. 1979), p. 9.] Mrs. Sease was the grand-niece of Catherine and William
Summer, and was close to her great aunt Catherine. Only one of these autographed
copies for Miss Summer has been traced: Simms's Areytos (1860).


In the Columbia South Carolinian for 30 November 1844, we find a notice
of 26 November 1844 to the effect that a "Committee on Public Printing" that
included Simms had been appointed in the South Carolina House of
Representatives. His fellow legislators on this Committee were W. F. DeSaussure,
R. W. Seymour, W. D. Porter, Tandy Walker, Edward Harleston, and Simeon Fair.