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Item informationTitle: Revolutionary Incidents / A Love Sonnet (Two Items) (Page 30)
Genre: History
Publication informationVolume: E (Part I)

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    Composition history The Orion, IV (March 1844), 28-30. [Source of clipping]
    Description ''was evidently dying when gentleman Thompson—so called to dis-  ...''  [text of "Revolutionary Incidents''] | Greenville, S.C.  B.F. Perry. | [rule] | A LOVE SONNET. | [rule] | A LA DELLA CRUSCA. | [rule] | [text of ''A Love Sonnet'']

    Notes Position: whole page

    This clipping from the March 1844 issue of The Orion details a particular episode of the Revolutionary War in South Carolina and continues from (Page 28) to (Page 30).

    The second item in clipping, ''A Love Sonnet,'' is not related to ''Revolutionary Incidents.''