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Correspondence | 1995
Transcription 3

M.S.S. It is not improbable that I may put these into your hands at a much earlie
period. I feel more anxious about them, especially the original correspondence of
the Revolution; & it will be for you to examine and collate from it as you please
I still think that upon examination you will discover my suggestion of a joint
labour to be far from unreasonable,' and, waiving the compliment which you
make me at your own expense, I will add that little will need to be done with it
except by industry and painstaking. The remaining commentary which it may
need, will be nothing more than can be done by either of us, with care, and by
you, I suspect, much more easily & creditably than by myself. But, of this
hereafter. In all probability I shall visit Columbia some day next week, and it i
possible that I may bring up my documentary matter with me. Whether I do or
not, I shall seek you out at the College, & hope to find you cheerful, with a
manly Submission to the Will of God. I who have buried 9 of 14 children, have
learned that lesson, though hard to learn. I have discovered, at least, how absur
is the idea of being impatient or ill tempered with the Great Master of the
Universe. With best regards believe me

Ever truly Yours etc

W. Gilmore Simms