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Scholarship | 1995
Transcription 33


Deborah Henson sends us the following notice of "Songs of the South"
from Magnolia, IV (March 1842), pp. 191-192. We refer the reader to her article
on the same in The Simms Review, Vol. I, no. 2, (Winter 1993), 1-19.

Have not our fair readers yet tried these beati-
ful Songs of their sunny land; the poetry of which,
is by her gifted sons, and the music by her talent-
ed votaries at the shrine of the muse of song. If
they have not, we advise them to do so speedily.
The Charleston publisher, Mr. Saml- Hart, Sen.,
has politely forwarded us several sheets of this'
new music to which, we take great pleasure in
drawing the attention of the ladies. Not a fair
daughter of the South should be without them.
They are elegant specimens of the art, as art, pos-
sessing the double charm of poesy and exquisite
music, blended together by the inspiriting hands
of masters in each. We love that music which
hand in hand with poesy thrills to the soul, that,
which, while with sweet sounds it fills the ear, also
reaches the heart. We love not less, the music of
sweet sounds, because we love more, the song
of the poet. Let those, then, who are so favored
as to have a dear delightful cos. who plays so
sweetly, or a sister, or a ----, but it matters not,
call for
''The lind of the pine, the cedar, the vine.''
Words by W. G. Simms, Esq. Composed and
arranged for the Spanish guitar, by F. Kinloch.
" And 0! let the song
That burden prolong,
That told dour triumph in cloyed our wrong ;--
Woman's sweet strain,
Mocking at pain,
Cheering her warrior to combat again."
And thou for the following air arranged for the
piano forte by Labarre. Words by S. Henry
Dickson, M. D.
"'Sigh for the land of the Cyprus and pine."" Oh! I love the land of the Cyprus and pine,
The laurel, the rose, and the gay wood bine,
where the long gray moss decks the old oak tree,
That sun-bright land is the land for me."