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Poetry | 1996
Transcription "Songs of the South"- The New Series Revisited
James E. Kibler
In The Simms Review, vol. 3, no. 2 (Winter 1995), we had proof of a
"new" or "second" series of "Songs of the South." Now, in Simms's Magnolia,
vol. 1 n.s. (July 1842), p. 9, we find two poems, one by A.B. Meek of Alabama,
and one by Simms, said to be "set to music" and planned to form part of "a new
series of `Songs of the South; now in course of publication by Samuel Hart, Sen.,
of Charleston."
The two new songs are "The Mothers of the South," by Meek, and "The
Maid of Congaree" by Simms. The October 1842 issue of Magnolia notices and
prints the words to Meek's "Come to the Sycamore," said to be another of the new
series. The sheet music for number two of the series, "The Texian Hunter's Bride"
with words by Simms and music by M.S. Reeves, has surfaced and is printed at
pages 24-26 of The Simms Review article named above. It is copyrighted in
1844 and was being reviewed in March of that year.
The tally of songs in the "new series" now stands at four.
* "The Mothers of the South" by A.B. Meek.
* No. 2 "The Texian Hunter's Bride" by Simms, music by
M.S. Reeves.
* "The Maid of Congaree" by Simms.
* "Come to the Sycamore" by A.B. Meek, music by Francis
Of these four, we have the sheet music to only one. These four titles, added to the
nineteen works of the first series, yield, to date, a total of twenty-three "Songs o
the South," thirteen of which have lyrics by Simms.
The text of Simms's "The Maid of Congaree," as published in Magnolia, I
n.s. (July 1842), p. 9, here follows: