Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Poetry | 1996
Transcription THE MAID OF CONG AREE.''TWAS a Maid of Congaree,

But no Indian maid was she,

Large blue eye and rosy face,

Spoke her of the Saxon race;

Stately in her step and mien,

She might well have been a queen,

And a queen of hearts was she,

By the rolling Congaree.

Subjects many had she there,

Some to love and some to fear,

Few to hope—alas! the day,

When I sunk beneath her sway;

Forcing the poor heart to bow,

Yet all heedless of its vow,

Tyrant hath she been to mel

That same Maid of Congaree.

Yet, though chief among my foes,

Would I not that queen depose,

Though with thousands at her feet,

Be her sov'ran sway complete,

Bright and blessed, be her eyes,

Still the glory of our skies,

Queen forever may she be,

That dear maid of Congaree.

This lyric has been set to music, and will form one of a new

series of "Songs of the South," now in course of publication by

Samuel Bart, Sen.. of Charleston.