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Secondary Scholarship | 1996
Transcription Washington Allston is a South-Carolinian by birth, and we are
proud of him. Perhaps, we are not so proud of him in the South as a
Southron, as they are proud in the North of him as an American. It is just
as natural that we should not accord him full reverence in his birth-place, as,
in yielding him full justice where he was not born, they say as little about
his immediate birth-place as possible. (Magnolia 398)

Since few Southern authors knew as well as Simms what regional prejudices kept
writers from below the Mason-Dixon from getting their due in the Northern press
and from Northern publishers, he insisted that Allston's Southern roots be
recognized and cherished, that Allston should not be claimed by the North as one of
its own. Aliston's place was among the brotherhood of Southern writers.


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