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Secondary Scholarship | 1996
Transcription End notes

1. See entry 18133, The Sword and the Distaff (1852), listed as 'Not seen.
Entry based on a photocopy of the title-page of the copy in the South
Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina." A later note for the
same entry lists it as "Reissued (revised?) as Woodcraft...." Entry 18149 for
Woodcraft refers to it as "A reprint (revised?) of The Sword and the Distaff
.... Cursory examination indicates that this is a reprint." Since this entry
quotes from the title-page the words "New and Revised Edition," and since
the compilers have admitted they have not seen the original edition, one
wonders of just what that "Cursory examination" consisted. The fact that the
new edition bore a changed title and a statement that it had been revised
should have suggested to the BAL compilers that at the very least, having
obtained a photocopy of the original edition's title-page, they obtain from th
same source the fact that the last page of the text is numbered 591, indicatin
that Woodcraft, its last text page numbered 518, can hardly be a reprint.

2. For example, several Simms letters are listed that had been
contributed to various nineteenth-century volumes, and were unknown to the
editors of the Letters.

3. Compare Trent's comment on the 1856 pamphlet, The Power of
Cotton, with BAL entry 18162, or his listing the 1850 pamphlet Flirtation at
the Moultrie House as by Simms, a judgment with which Guilds concurs in
Stories and Tales; cf. BAL 18123.

4. Special studies or topics might be Simms and agriculture, which would
consist of two divisions: the planter, and crops. Another important topic is
Simms's library: can we recreate it, or rather, them? See Letters 6:241,
efforts to replace after war; 218, bound volume of 500 Revolutionary War
letters – page 1 96 is especially important.

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