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Scholarship | 1996
Transcription of letters. The Simms Conference Program Committee consists of John Guilds,
Miriam Shillingsburg, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, John Mayfield, Renee Dye, and
David Moltke-Hansen. They have asked: "Please send paper and session proposals
with curriculum vitae to Stephen Berry, Center for the Study of the South, 03A
Manning Hall, Campus Box 3355, Chapel Hill, NC 27599." Deadline for
proposals is 17 January 1997. For further information, call (919)962-5665, e-mail
The Conference Program Committee will also serve as an Editorial Board
for the proposed volume to come from the Conference Proceedings, to be edited by
Dye and Moltke-Hansen. Papers not related to the Official Theme of the
Conference are encouraged, but may not be published in its Official Proceedings.
The Official Communication of the Program Committee to the Simms
Society (dated 5 November) reads as follows: "Though delighted with the caliber
and range of proposals already received, the Program Committee is keen to receive
additional proposals, especially from Simms Society members. The Executive
Board of the Simms Society has instructed the Program Committee to reserve
sessions at the beginning or end of the conference for exciting papers on any other
subject of interest to Simmsians. These meetings are meant to provide a forum for
the variety of Simms scholarship, not just papers related to the actual theme of the
meeting space has been reserved from Thursday noon to Sunday noon.
Miriam Shillingsburg will give her Simms Society Presidential address at supper
on Friday evening. The Moltke-Hansens are inviting all conference attendees to
their home for a gala supper on Saturday night. In the event there are enough
papers for the Simms Conference to begin on Thursday, there will be a reception on
Thursday night.
If you wish to propose a paper or session, please contact a Conference
Program Committee member (listed above) or Stephen Berry, (whose address
appears above).
This Conference is not to be confused with the New Orleans Simms-
Faulkner Conference, also to be held next year–in early December 1997 at the Hotel
Monteleone. Please try to attend both, if able, and lend your much-needed support.