Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Scholarship | 1996
Transcription CONTRIBUTORS

JOHN L. IDOL JR. is Professor Emeritus, Clemson University, and an officer in the Simms

ANNE BLYTHE MERIWETHER has written on and edited works by Elizabeth A. Pringle and has
published several essays on Simms. She is editor of Seajay Press.

JAMES B. MERIWETHER, founder of the Southern Studies Program at the University of South
Carolina, is a respected Faulkner scholar and the author of several articles on Simms, including
a critical treatment of "Sharp Snaffles" and "Bill Bauldy."

ED PIACENTINO is Professor at High Point College in North Carolina, where he has directed
the Honors Program. He is an authority on Southern humor. His article in this issue is his first
piece on Simms.

JAMES E. KIBLER JR., a Professor at the University of Georgia, has just edited Simms's Poetry
and the Practical, and is currently preparing an edition of Simms's Southern Passages and