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Reviews/Essays | 1997
Transcription petual failure in the development of all
the natural resources of place. mere
egotism and vanity are thus constantly
busy in the disparagment of the native.
They find nothing good at home but
themselves. But the worst influence of
this sort of feeling and thinking--if such
a course does not absolutley imply the
equal absence of thought and feeling--is
tobe found in social and moral effects.
Such people never believe in one another,
They have no faith in one another; they
regard their successful brethren as so many
rivals, whose successes are wrongs done to
themselves and likely to substract from
thier own importance. Now, one of the
great secrets of success and distinction
ammong a people is to learn to believe
in one another, to have faith in one
another, and to tkae for granted that the
same benevolent God who has made them-
selves has also fashioned among men other
spirits and souls, with genius, art and in-
tellect, adequate to the maintenance of the
race in its progress to the greatest heights
and the most diversified achievments in
the history civilization. Faith in one
another is, in other words, that feel and
touch of the elbow which, in an army,
makes the soldier confident of his strength,
assured that he will have support form a
thousand noble comrades when engaged in