Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Illustrations | 1998
Transcription This image of Simms, made c. 1840-1843, may be one of the two missing
daguerreotypes. It did not appear in either Letters or Guilds's Simms biography.
I have been unable to locate the original or any information about it. It is one o
the least known of Simms's likenesses. The first appearance I have found is in
Dictionary of Literary Biography, vol. 3, 1979, which does not cite its source.
The original image must have been used as the basis of several engravings of
Simms from 1843 to 1888. One such appears in Appleton's Cyclopedia of
American Biography (1888), vol. 5. For this engraving, see Letters, vol. 4, p. 199
It is also probably the basis for the less than flattering, poor representation of
Simms in the "Washington Irving" at p. 42 of this issue.