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Secondary Scholarship | 1998
Transcription Simms's Great-Grandmother Miller

On 26 October 1997, at the Bethesda Presbyterian Church in York County, South
Carolina, William Boyce White Jr., formerly of Rock Hill, South Carolina, and
now of Roanoke, Virginia, spoke at the dedication of a new monument to
Simms's great-grandmother on his mother's maternal side, Mrs. Jane (Ross)
Miller. The following appears on her memorial stone:

Born 1736. Died Dec. 24, 1816.
Widow of Capt. John Miller
And Great-grandmother of WILLIAM GILMORE SIMMS 1806-1870,
Foremost Man of Letters of the Old South.
Erected A.D. 1997.

Mrs. Miller was first married to Thomas Martin, and then to Capt. John Miller,
who was killed at the Battle of Hanging Rock in 1780. Her brother, Francis (b.
1742) was killed in the Revolution near Augusta, Georgia, 31 March 1779. Her
father was James Ross, born in Ireland in c. 1706 and came to America c. 1724.
He died in Frederick County, Virginia, 27 March 1751. James Ross's wife
Catherine McCullough was born in Ireland c. 1710, and died in Carolina after
1763. James Ross's own father, Francis Ross, was born in Scotland c. 1665 and
died in Ireland c. 1690. He had married an Irish lady, said to be of "aristocrati
The following prayer was offered by the Reverend Eade Anderson of
Roanoke, Virginia, at the 26 October 1997 dedication in York County: