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Correspondence | 1999
Transcription New Simms Letter

In August 1994, the South Caroliniana Library of the University of South
Carolina, acquired the following previously unpublished letter by W. G. Simms.
It is undated and addressed to Park Benjamin, author and editor of New York
(1809-1864). The one published Simms letter to Benjamin (in Letters, vol. 6, pp.
12-13) is dated by the editors as October 1838. It is also undated by Simms. Her
Simms is asking Benjamin for copies of magazines, presumably the American
Monthly Magazine (which Benjamin edited 1836-1838) and the New York Review.
Simms often mentioned Benjamin in 1840-1843, while Benjamin was editor of
the New World. On 16 and 31 October 1843, Simms laments that he is not getting
copies of back issues of the New World to complete his file (Letters, vol. 2, pp
376, 381-382). Benjamin is soliciting work for the New World during this time.
The date of the new letter cannot be fixed, but is likely from the period 1838-

Dear Sir
The enclosed has in it, I am afraid, much more bombast than poetry. It is
at your service for the Magazine, however, if you can do any thing with it. But
see that you publish it anonymously, if you publish it at all.
With much respect
I am, your obt serv.
W. Gilmore Simms
Park Benjamin Esq.
I did not receive from the printer the sheets which you desired of
me. The magazines have not yet reached me.