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Secondary Scholarship | 1999
Transcription with the snake already mentioned, the near murder of Harrison by
his jealous rival Hugh Grayson; Harrisons escape through the good
offices of Matiwan (who with good European feeling acted out of
kind impulse twoards Harrisons mother) and of the alligators, who
frightened off his pursuers; the timely rescue of Harrison by his
dog, who tears the mouth and throat of the assailant; the arrival of
Charly [sic] just in time to keep the knife out of Bess's heart; and
finally Harrisons final rescue of Bess from Charley by shooting
him just as he was about to escape with her. Horrors enough are
there too; once the brains of a poor Irishman are spattered all in
Harrisons face. -- In the end Harrison gets his girl, and defeats the
Indians, announces his true identity, makes his one time enemy
Hugh Grayson a high military officer.-- There is a great battle in a
block-house,- with deaths.
For good service, Harrison offered Hector his fredom, but
this was not accepted. Much negro dialect in this connection.
Sanutee dies with much oratory. The Spaniars [sic] were defeated.
It is rather short book, 190 p [.]
Regarding Woodcraft, Wade remarks that the novel was published by W.
J. Widdleton; after listing the key characters
Widow Everleigh McKewn
Arthur Everleigh (her son) Bostwick-Mrs B
Major Porgy Dorothy B
Fordham (Everleigh Overseer) Widow Griffin
Millhouse (Porgy Overseer) Miss Griffin
Lieut Lance Frampton (Porgy dependent)
Tom (negro slave. cooks for Porgy)
--then, as for The Yemassee, he summarizes the plot:
At the close of the Am Revolution, Mrs Everleigh, forces from
kidnappers, her own stolen slaves and also those of Maj Porgy. In
doing this she obtains a paper convicting McKewn & Bostwick as
the chief of the kidnappers. McKewn discovers that this paper is in
Mrs. Everleighs possession, and on her way to her Country estate,
has her arrested & robbed of the box containing this paper; and
also seeks again to get control of the restored slaves. This
brigandage was conducted by Bostwick and several other hired
criminals. The negroes escape capture, nearly 1/3 of book going in
pretty well told contest between the brigands on one hand and
overseer Fordham and young Everleigh on the other.**[added, in
top margin] The latter side finally wins overwhelmingly thru
intervention of Porgy & his followers, returning from war** -
Having obtained the paper which would convict McKewn,
Bostwick determines to keep it for purposes of blackmail. He
hides the box, shadows McKewn, and is finally, at McKewns
orders, himself kidnapped. – Rich Mrs. Everleigh is very kind to
Porgy, her poverty stricken neighbor; and this is construed by
loquacious & money seeking Millhouse as a sign of her desire to
become Mrs. Porgy. **[added, in top margin of facing page]
About now old Sibyl, slave comes up announcing that 18 of
Porgy's slaves are even then in swamp where they have hid during
occupation of country by British. 7 yrs!**