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Scholarship | 1999

John Corina's "Songs of Simms" was performed at the Southeastern Composers'
League's 1999 Annual Conference on 26 February 1999, at the McComas
Theatre, Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi. This was the third
performance of Corina's work after successful presentations in Hawaii,
Oklahoma, and North Carolina. Composer Corina performed on the oboe, Martha
Thomas performed on the piano, and Ellen Ritchey was soprano. Negotiations are
under way for the trio to perform the three-part work for a fourth time, in
Charleston, at the Simms Conference in January 2000. To create his trilogy,
Corina set three poems to music: "The Land of the Pine,""Sonnet —I Will
Breathe Music," and "Memory." Considering the success of his first, we have
encouraged Corina to work on yet another Simms musical performance, perhaps
for a Charleston premier. Corina is Professor of Music Emeritus at the University
of Georgia. Thomas and Ritchey are professor and graduate student in the Music
Department, University of Georgia.


Donald Williams, Hibernian Society historian, notes that Simms was made a
member of the Hibernian Society in 1849. The Society is among Charleston's
most prestigious was then, is now! It was at Hibernian Hall that Simms
delivered his three-part Poetry and the Practical. Obviously, this is yet another
proof that the city did him due honour in his day. David Aiken sends us the
exciting news that he has been successful in engaging Hibernian Hall for the nigh
of Friday, 14 January 2000 for the Simms Conference functions. This historic
gala is not to be missed, so make plans now. Tentative plans are to have a
function at the College of Charleston Saturday night, 15 January. The Conference
headquarters will be Charleston Place Hotel in the historic district, an easy wal
to Hibernian Hall and the College.