Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Scholarship | 1999

Dr. David Aiken, Charleston, South Carolina
Mr. Carl Edward Buck, Greenville, South Carolina
Mrs. Hal Cooper, Lakewood, Ohio
Mrs. Kate Simms Counts, Ormond Beach, Florida
Dr. Paula Fix Dean, McAllen, Texas
Dr. Benjamin Fisher, Oxford, Mississippi
Ms. Felicia Dryden, Boulder, Colorado
Mrs. Mary Simms Furman, Greenville, South Carolina
Mr. Alester G. Furman, Greenville, South Carolina
Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina
Mr. Alester Furman Gregory, Greenville, South Carolina
Mr. Francis Cogswell Gregory, Jr., Greenville, South Carolina
Mrs. Mary Simms Furman Gregory, Greenville, South Carolina
Dr. John C. Guilds, Mountainburg, Arkansas
Mrs. Carroll S. Hartman, Asheville, North Carolina
Mrs. Elizabeth Simms Hise, Jackson, Mississippi
Mr. Harry L. Johnson, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
Mr. Robert C. Johnson, Charleston, South Carolina
Dr. James E. Kibler Jr., Maybinton, South Carolina
Mrs. Joy Mallard, Atlanta, Georgia
Mrs. Betty Jane Miller, Barnwell, South Carolina
Mr. David Moltke-Hansen, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Dr. Masahiro Nakamura, Okazaki, Aichi, Japan
Mr. William G. Simms Oliphant Jr., Columbia, South Carolina
Mrs. Mary Byrd Ormand, Columbia, South Carolina
Dr. Gertrude Pickar, Mountainburg, Arkansas
Mr. Alexander Simms Pincus, New Orleans, Louisiana
Mrs. Jane Furman Pressly, Greenville, South Carolina
Mrs. Anne Simms Pincus, New Orleans, Louisiana
Mr. Miles Randolph Pincus, New Orleans, Louisiana
Dr. Miriam J. Shillingsburg, Beaumont, Texas
Dr. Peter L. Shillingsburg, Beaumont, Texas
Mr. John G. Simms Jr., Miami, Florida
Ms. Beverley C. Simms, Miami, Florida
Mr. Allen Stokes, Columbia, South Carolina
Dr. Kim Uirak, Pusan, South Korea
Mrs. George A. Walker, Lockport, Illinois
Mrs. Joan Simms Wanner, Miami, Florida
Mrs. Alexandra Furman Whitley, Greenville, South Carolina

The following have contributed extra funds to the Society in 1998:
Ed Still, Birmingham, Alabama, in honour of editor Kibler's Our Fathers'Fields
The University of Georgia