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Scholarship | 1999

Sean Busick sends us a letter from a "W.G. Sims, Esq." Of Charleston used in an ad for a dyspepsia medicine. The ad first began appearing in the Charleston
n ad for a dyspepsia medicine. The ad first began appearing in the Charleston
Mercury on 4 January 1844 and ran in every issue through at least 1 June 1844
(when Busick quit looking). The letter is not contained in the Simms Letters.

IS a sure remedy for Dyspepsia and Nervous Aflec
tions. It is a certain cure for Nervous Head-
ache, and an excellent preventive of costiveness and
low spirits. It is very effectual in relieving Flatu-
lence, Colic, and other similar complaints. It stea-
dily promotes strength in all cases of debility, res-
tores a good and healthy appetite, gives tone and vi-
gor to the whole system, and Is highly recommend-
ed by eminent physicians, as well as by persons who
have found relief from it.
The following testimonials are selected from a
large number, which have been voluntarily sent to the
proprietor of the above Cordial :
_ I 4
From W. G. Sims, Esq.
CHARLESTON sept. 29, 1843.
Mr. C. C SebrinG, New Yolk -SIr: It is due to
you, and may be of service to the public, to say that
I have for some time past been using your Anti-Dys-
peptic and Restorative Cordial in my fancily, with the
most beneficial results. My wife, who has suffered
from various Dyspeptic symptoms, wasting in
strength and appetite, has found great advantages
from its use, and ascribes to its admirable bracing ef-
fects a very decided general improvement in her
health and spirits. I know not whether this testimo-
ny will serve you, but it is due to you that I should
offer it. Very respectfully, &c.