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Scholarship | 1999

The Simms 2000 Conference will be 13-16 January at Charleston Place, 130 Market
Street, Charleston, SC 29401. Call 800-61 1-5545 for reservations at the reduced
convention rate. A limited number of rooms is available. Ask for Simms Symposium
rates. Register now for the symposium itself by mailing your check for $95 to The
Simms Society, c/o Dr. David Aiken, Department of English, Charleston Southern
University, 9200 University Blvd., Charleston, SC 29423 ($55 for students).
The Conference will begin promptly at 2:00 PM, Thursday, 13 January. Thursday
afternoon will feature a session with anthropologist Charles Hudson, the authority on
Southeastern Indians, and John C. Guilds, well-known Simmsian. Other symposium
papers this weekend will be given by Professors A.J. Conyers, Mary Ann Wimsatt, David
Newton, Carl Rapp, Ben Alexander, Clyde Wilson, Ben Fisher, Miriam Shillingsburg,
Marietta Patrick, Cathy Chance Harvey, Donald Livingston, and James Kibler. These
scholars represent universities in the states of Ohio, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas,
Arkansas, Kentucky, and Mississippi. The banquet will be at 7:00 PM Thursday in the
Ballroom of Charleston Place. Price of the meal is included in the symposium
registration fee.
Friday evening will be a festive celebration and entertainment at the famous
Hibernian Society Hall on Meeting Street, an easy walk from the convention
headquarters. This evening will feature a premiere of Simms poems newly set to music
by noted composer John Corina. Saturday evening will include a gala reception, given by
the Simms family, at historic Randolph Hall, College of Charleston also an easy walk
from Charleston Place. There will be no additional cost for these festivities.
The conference will also feature visits to important Simms landmarks, including
some special commemorations at the Simms monument at White Point Garden and the
Simms grave at Magnolia Cemetery (transportation provided). At St. Michael's
Churchyard, we will visit the graves of Simms's brother and his Singleton ancestors.
Appropriate comments will be made at each site by noted Simmsians. Additional Sunday
events are being planned around St. Paul's Episcopal Church (the Planter's Church),
where Simms was a member, and where his funeral was held.
Since the banquet will take place the first night of the conference, it is important
that you please register for the symposium as early as possible, so that we can provide
Charleston Place with an accurate count of diners.
With your participation, this conference could be our best yet, so please make
every effort to come. Many Simms descendants are converging from all over the country
to make this a very special occasion both a family reunion and a union of family and
Simms scholars. We will do our part to make the weekend an enjoyable and memorable