Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Table of Contents

Scholarship | 2000
Transcription THE SIMMS REVIEW

Vol. 8, No.2 Winter 2000

Sallie F. Chapin's Tribute to Simms 2

The Mother Land: The Southern Nationalism of William
Gilmore Simms
by William Lamar Cawthon, Jr 3

Trelawny in Charleston
by James Everett Kibler 20

Tiger's Meat: William Gilmore Simms and the History o
the Revolution
by Clyde N. Wilson 22

A New Simms Essay of 1835 and Evidence of his Earlies
Trip to the Southwest
by John C. Guilds 32

Native American Representation in Simms's The Yemasse
by Peter Murphy 34

Notes, Queries, and Simms Society News 43