Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Secondary Scholarship | 2000
Transcription that the writer could have been thinking of his known 1824-25 visit, and that his
memory simply failed him by two or three years.
The chief evidence against a trip by Simms to the Southwest in either 1819 or
1822 (or sometime between) is his failure to mention such a happening in his
correspondence, even when recounting his other visits.2 Until the time, however, that
new details of Simms's youth can provide a definitive answer, the possibility exists
that Simms in his early teens may indeed have journeyed to the Southwest - perhaps
in the company of an adult kinsman or friend of the family?- at a time earlier than now

2 In a letter of 4 December 1847 Simms wrote to Albert James Pickett: "I have already made the
acquaintance (in general terms) of the beautiful town in which you dwell. I travelled through
Montgomery in 1825 by stage & on horseback, and again in 1831, and again in 1842" (Letters 5:
398). It may be significant. however, that Simms here also fails to mention the well-established
visit in 1826, presumably because he did not pass through Montgomery.