Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Scholarship | 2000
Transcription Tenth volume in the acclaimed collection of Simms literature.

One of the most important volumes of short fiction published before the Civil
War, The Wigwam and the Cabin represents William Gilmore Simms at his very
best. It is the work that led Poe to say of Simms,". . . in invention, in vigor, in
movement, in the power of exciting interest, and in the artistical management of
his themes, he has surpassed, we think, any of his countrymen"
Praised by critics on both sides of the Atlantic, The Wigwam and the Cabin focuses
on the Southern frontier that Simms knew so well, a frontier whose vernacular,
courage, humor, foidore, violence, injustice, and beauty are vividly brought to life
through the strokes of his pen. "I have seen the life," Simms wrote, "—have lived
it--end much of my material . . . is the planter, the squatter, the Indian, the negro--
the bold and hardy pioneer, the vigorous yeomen—these are the subjects"
Simms's portrayal of frontier life is the most realistic and graphic in all
nineteenth-century American literature; and the Arkansas edition ofT he Wigwam
and the Cabin, with Dr. Guilds's fine editing and informative introduction, brings
back into print an invaluable contribution to the development of the short story
in America.
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