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Scholarship | 2000
Transcription SIMMS ONLINE

Thanks to Society Member Dr. David Newton of West Georgia University, the
Simms Society is now online at its new Website:
Let's give Dr. Newton our help and support in creating this important new Simms
Society organ.


In November, the editor of The Simms Review received an article on Simms in
Russia, too late for inclusion in this issue. It contains the heartening news that
Russian translations of Woodcraft, The Yernassee, and The Partisan will appear in
Moscow in 2001. (This good news could not wait until our next issue.) The excellent
article by Simms Society member E. A. Morozkina and Marina Erchtein of Bashkir
State University will appear in our Spring 2001 issue. The following is an excerpt
from Ms. Morozkina's cover letter for the article:

3 November 2000
Excuse my being silent for some period of time. I was out of the
city giving lectures at the Birsk University. Then there were summer
entering exams at Bashkir State University. By now I have polished
the article "W. G. Sinuns's Views and Works as Looked Upon From
Russia," which I promised to send you for The Simms Review, and
hoping that it might be of interest to you and the American public.
Marina O. Erchtein and myself tried our best to find as much facts on
Simms in Russia as possible. Marina had to go to Moscow Libraries
to discover the information about Simms. We really hope that our
enormous efforts could be properly appreciated. The most
astonishing fact, to my mind, is that Simms was known to the
Russian public during his lifetime. I don't think Simms could have
ever guessed this.
It's such a pity I could not participate in the Simms Conference.
Thank you very much for The Simms Review which gave us the full
information on the conference. In our hearts, we felt together with
the participants of the conference.
Sincerely yours,
Eugenia A. Morozkina, Bashkir State University, Russia

We wish our new Russian friends in Simms our warmest best.