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Reviews/Essays | 2001
Transcription since. The medicine acted like a charm.
We have already prescribed it to every
physician in town, and they have all so far
adopted it as to give nothing but these pills
to their patients. The patients are not
improving, but the doctors are all in better
spirits than ever. Drink Heidsick, all ye
weary once--drink champagne cider, is you
can do no better--and go forht better and
wiser men than ye ever were before.

REV. DR. PALMER.--It has given us great
pleasure to welcome the return of this
eminent divine to Columbia, after his late
sojourn in New Orleans. He is always
welcome here to a large and loving circle,
and the congregation which hung upon his
words last Sunday, found no abatement of
his usual eloquence. His stay among us
will be brief; but he is too earnest a man,
and too full of resources intellectually, to
suppose that he will pass the few, brief
days he can give to us without profitable
result. We trust that when he returns
to the wide field in which he is to labor, he
will continue strengthened for those per-
formances, which have hitherto made his
labors famous, and crowned his perform-
ances with triumphs.