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Secondary Scholarship | 2001
Transcription Another Early Illustrated Simms

James Everett Kibler
In an unpublished letter to Simms dated Charleston, 17 May 1860, famous
Charleston architect Edward Brickelr White (1806-1882) replies at length to Simms's
request for information about White's father, John Blake White (1781-1859), Charleston
lawyer, playwright, and painter. In his description of his father's paintings, E. B. White
writes: "I do not know where is the picture illustrating one of your stories, but will
endeavour to ascertain." White was as good as his word, for at the letter's end, he appends
a note: "My brother Dr. White has that picture of my Father which illustrates the story
Logoochie written by you." White's illustration of " Logoochie," like John Cogdell's scene
from Martin Faber, is as yet unlocated. Their possible presence among the art collection
at Woodlands during the disastrous fires of 1862 and 1865 may explain their
disappearance. Still, we may hope that they await discovery.
The letter to Simms is in the Simms Collection, Manuscripts Division, South
Caroliniana Library.