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Scholarship | 2001, 2002

On 17-20 April, the fifth Simms Conference sponsored by the Simms Society
will be held in Euphradian Hall, the University of South Carolina. Registration is 95
95 dollars per person if pre-registering, 110 dollars at time of conference. Simms
Society members have been sent registration forms by President Anne Meriwether.
These include a tentative schedule of events. For further information, you may
contact her at 803-256-4676. Organising such a big event is always a hard (and
usually thankless) task, so let us all be grateful to President Meriwether for her
effort on the behalf of Simms.


Simms scholar Professor Masahiro Nakamura of Aichi University has been
granted a stipend by his university to study Simms for three months with Prof.
James Kibler at the University of Georgia. His award-winning translations of
Simms into Japanese are welcome additions to Simms studies world-wide. With
the growth of Simms interest in Japan and Russia, the politically correct rejection of
of Simms in the United States becomes all the more disturbing (and revealing).
Professor Nakamura's essay in this issue is an example of his good contributions
to the study of Simms. He will be in residence in Athens, Georgia, from February
into April, and can be reached at the English Department, Univ of GA, Athens GA
30602. A hearty Southern welcome to our distinguished visitor!


No one has sent us news. Guess everyone has had a busy six months! A
reminder that it is time to renew your memberships every January. Please don't
forget your Society.