Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Scholarship | 2002


Pasted on the flyleaves of a copy of a Widdleton Editior
of Simms's THE SCOUT are two clippings identified
as being from the NEW YORK WORLD, 11 June 1879.
The book was from the library of Robert E. Weigley,
Myerstown, PA. It is now in the collection of the editor.
These pieces are heretofore unrecorded in the Simms
bibliographies and biographies.

Nine years ago to-day dies William Gilmore
Simms, the chief historian, novelist and poet of
"Simms Memorial Associsation of Charleston in
South Carolina" will unveil in White Point
Garden--which is to that city what Central
Park is to this--a bronze bust of that
distunguished writer, which was exe-
cuted in this city by Mr. J. Q. A.
Ward, and which, after the unveiling, is
to be formally presented to the city. The
bust measured three feet from base to crown
and is an afmirable likeness. Mr. Ward was
fortunate enough to have known Mr. Simms,
but he was aided in modelling the bust by a
photograph taken in 1856 when Mr. Simms was
in the ripe prime and vigor of life. THe face is
clear of all beard, and the picturesque wavy
hair, the broad, high forehead, the strongly
marked square chin and the thin sensitive nos-
trils and lips are rendered with Mr. Ward's
characteristic vigor. Those who saw Mr. Simms
in 1869--just previous to his death—recall him
as a man of patriarchal appearance whose hale
figure and ruddy complexion contrasted
strikingly with his full gray beard and thin
white hair. The bust stands upon a Roman
pedestal of South Carolinian granite eight feet
high, which diminishes from the base, where it
is about five feet square, to twenty-three inches
at the point on which the bust rests. This
pedestal was designed by Colonel E. B. White,
a native of Charleston but now resident
in this city. The Rev. Dr. Pinckney,
Professor Russell Middleton, Mr. W. D. Por-
ter, the President of the Memorial Association,.