Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Transcription soul of hospit ty, always gential, and though

punctilious perfectly sincere in his courtesy:

In all respects the man did honor to American

society and American letters. It is creditable,

as we all must feel to the city of his birth , that

she should be commemorating such a mau in

such a way to-day. But this being the case,

what shall we say of New York, which has not

yet dedicated a memorial of any sort in the

Central Park to Fenimore Cooper or to Wash-

ington Irving ; or of Boston, the reputed Athens

of America, which so far as we know has never

erected a monument to any man of letters at all,

and which certainly has erected none either to

Prescott or Motley or Hawthorne ?



CHARLESTON, S.C., June 11.--The bronze bust
erected by the Carolina Art Association and the
Simms Memorial Association to the memory of
William Gilmore Simms, at White Point Garden, in
this city, was unveiled in the presence of a very large
number of distinguished citizens and the general
public. The waether was lovely and the enthusiasm
great. Professor N. R. Middleton, the President
of the Carolina Art Association presided, and the pro-
ceedings were opened with prayer at the Rev. E.
R. Miles. letters were received and read from
Messrs. A. K. McLure, Geo. W. Childs, Oliver
Wendell Holmes, Robert C. Winthrop and others,
expressing great regret at their inability to accept
invitations to be present and giving assurances of
the warmest interest and sympathy. Mr. W. D.
Porter, of this city, delivered the oration od the oc-
casion, a graceful and fitting tribute to Carolina's
poet, historian and movelist. The orator briefly
sketched the life of imms, showing how he
had risen by his own efforts and talents to the
high positions he held in the hearts of his
countrymen at his death. He spoke of Simms's
wodnerful versatility, his untiring energy, his fe-
cundity in the fields of poetry, history and romance
and the success which he achieved in wach sphere of
his labors, and illustrated the bouyancy of his dis-