Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Scholarship | 2002
Transcription The sample submitted is now twelve months
old and will be found to retain all its original
The process for extracting the oil. from the
grain, is a very simple one. The seeds were
crushed in a corn roan mortar, then thrown into
boiling water—after being sufficiently boiled
the oil was skimmed off, transferred to another
vessel, and put to simmer upon the fire, until
every particle of water bad evaporated. It was
then bottled, suffered to settle, and was subse-
quently clarified by rebottling and by age.
The experiment was worth making by every
family, z._- ho, by this easy method, may obtai
a sufficiency for home consumption, of an oil
which is really preferable to the oil of olives
The above was accompanied by a very en-
tertaining address from Mr. Simms, acid alter
farther complimentary addresses, in honor of
Mrs. Roberts and ladies generally, the speci-
mens were handed around to the ladies and gen-
tlemen, and an award made to Mrs. Roberts, of
a silver cup, valued at ten dollars.
With this, the Society adjourned to meet by a
subsequent alteration of the appointment of
Tuesday evening, at Aiken, on the 3d Wednes-
day in July----instead of Cambridge.
JAMES B. DAVIS, Secretary.

See Southern Cultivator, IV (June 1846), 86.