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Scholarship | 2002
Transcription EDITOR'S NEW BOOK

Dr. Kibler's new short story cycle CHILD TO THE WATERS is just
published by Pelican Press of New Orleans. The jacket reads:
"Flowing from the rich well of Celtic story cycles, these tales of the
Piedmont South traverse a world where miracles are the norm....
Drawing on family solidarity and rootedness, and a strong sense of
place, Kibler's subjects are loyalty, love, and the ancient quest for
truth and beauty. These are stories to be read aloud in quiet voices,
treasured in gentle hearts, and remembered by generations."
Fred Chappell writes: "In CHILD TO THE WATERS the teller of
tales has poured out a wealth of stories, true ones and legends, memories
and folktales, in language charming and musical. Kibler understands
that traditional stories endure because they are always new; they furnish
the joys both of discovery and rediscovery. That is what makes this
volume one of the best bedside books ever written."
George Garrett writes: "Scholar and critic Kibler has also proved
himself to be a poet of the first order, and here he comes now with
thirty richly various stories, CHILD TO THE WATERS, to show he is
clearly one of our finest writers as well. When it comes to storytelling,
Kibler can do it all, from fable to pure and simple fabliaux, from classic
folk tale to something close to folk song, even to a kind of lyric narrativ
as in "Spilt Milk." This is a gathering of stories designed and destined
to please, and by example to teach us to celebrate and revel not only
in these tales, but in our own stories as well—those `pure golden gifts
rounder and brighter than coins.'
The volume can be ordered from Pelican Press at www.pelicanpress.com,
1-800-843-1724, or at Pelican, PO Box 3110, Gretna, Louisiana 70054.
Pelican Press is also issuing a new paperback edition of Kibler's
OUR FATHERS' FIELDS, winner of the Fellowship of Southern Writers
Award for Nonfiction in 1999. The new edition of this work will contain
472 pages.The jacket reads: "Compared by critics to the works of
Wendell Berry and James Agee, this richly detailed narrative has an
unforgettable cast ofcharacters and is based on documents found in the
Upcountry plantationhome the author began to restore in 1989. It is a
metaphor of how Southerners carved out a wilderness, developed
productive farms, and saw it all destroyed by invaders."
Shelby Foote writes that OUR FATHERS' FIELDS "brings us home to
who we are by showing us where we came from."
Editor Kibler writes that he has "just completed a novel entitled
WALKING TOWARD HOME. The novels is a work about community
and staying put, about simple people and simple pleasures.
Simms, I believe, would approve."