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Scholarship | 2002


Miriam J. Shillingsburg has compiled and edited a special issue
of the Southern Quarterly (Winter 2003) set to appear in mid-
February. It contains some dozen articles representing the range of
Simms's work, especially focusing on his poetry, lesser known
fiction, and dramatic interests. Many of the articles have been read a
scholarly conferences including the Simms Symposium and ALA.
Contributors include: Ben Fisher, Molly Boyd, Michael Brennan, Carl
Eric Link, David Newton, A. J. (Chip) Conyers, Scott Romine, Erma
Richter, Paul Christian Jones and David Aiken, with an introduction
by Peter Shillingsburg. Noel Polk of the University of Southern
Mississippi is editor of Southern Quarterly.
Studies in the Novel will devote a special issue to Simms's long
fiction (Summer 2003), also edited by Miriam Shillingsburg. The
nine articles included cover the spectrum of Simms's novels including
Indian, Border, Domestic, Revolutionary War, Spanish American, and
Gothic works; several take totally new critical approaches to Simms's
fiction. Contributors are: Jim Kibler, Jan Bakker, Vincent King,
Caroline Collins, Molly Boyd, Peter Murphy, Ben Fisher, Renee Dye,
and Miriam Shillingsburg. Scott Simpkins of the University of North
Texas is the editor of Studies in the Novel.
In addition to editing these publications, Dr. Shillingsburg
delivered a paper on Simms's Caribbean Fiction at the joint meeting
of the SSSL and the ALA, held December 12-15 in Puerto Vallarta,


The Simms Society website is linked to the
newly-founded Dixie Writers Guild, begun in November
2002. The Guild promotes the rich tradition of Southern
writing and will be organising a writers festival and
awards ceremony. See its website at
Randy Ivey, Jim Kibler, Robert Hayes, David Aiken ,
Clyde Wilson and other Society members are founders
of this group.