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Item informationTitle: Ballad. The Dreams of Other Days
Genre: Poetry
Publication informationVolume: G
  • Publication date: 1870-02-02

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  • The Poetry of William Gilmore Simms: An Introduction and Bibliography
  • Pseudonymous Publications of William Gilmore Simms
Composition history ''Ballad.''  Charleston Mercury (Apr. 20, 1864).

''Ballad.''  Columbia Phoenix (May 15, 1865).

''Ballad.  The Dreams of Other Days.''  Charleston Courier (Feb. 2, 1870). [Supplied source of clipping (Kibler 309)]
Description ''Oh! how the dreams of other days awaken, ...''

Clipping reads: [double rule] | [bracket] FOR THE COURIER. [close bracket] | Ballad. | ''The Dreams of Other Days.''
Notes Position: bottom right

Clipping also appears in [Scrapbook B] and [Scrapbook D].

Pseudonym ''Philip Marston Jr.'' is derived from Philip Bourke Marston, who was an English novelist, essayist, and poet of the 19th century (Kibler, Pseudonymous 69). 

Clipping is a bit discolored.