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Scholarship | 2002
Transcription picture might be enlarged ; the canvas might receive a
thousand new tints and aspects, all tributary to the pre-
vailing sentiment which makes it beautiful, and leaves
it pure. But the imagination of each must fill up the
outlines for himself, and if thought co-operate with the
desire, and the love of truth be a consideration, then wil
the performance be easy. Truth lies within our hearts
and beneath our feet, even as the forms of beauty lie
couched among the stationary rocks, and simply waiting
for the ethereal fingers of the creative artist. If we
seek we shall find. This is true of all the forms of
human labor; but, that which is devoted to the cultiva-
tion of the earth, into which we. must all be resolved, is
sure, if properly pursued, of greater discoveries, Love,
Charity, Peace, Religion, and numberless saints beside,
work with the Good Farmer, and lovely beyond compare
is the sweet progeny which spring from their co-opera-
tion. Only suffer them to see that you desire their help,
and, oh ! how happy will they be to descend at your
bidding. W. G. S..