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Scholarship | 2002


On 24 August 2002, in a speech by Dr Michael Hill, of Monroe
Louisiana, Simms's "The Angel of the Church" went coast to coast.
Dr Hill of the League of the South read the poem beautifully and
with feeling. He may be contacted for thanks at www.dixienet.org.

April, 16, 2002.

Bashkir State University

Ufa, Russia

Dear Colleagues,

We — Eugenia Morozkina and Marina Erchtein — are sending you a message of greetings from the faraway
and snowy Russia. There is still snow in Russia, nevertheless our hearts are warm! And we are eager to melt the
"snow" of the tremendous distance that separates our countries.

Being true devotees of Simms and his works,'we would be happy to participate in the Simms Conference
on April 17, 2002. We positively share the opinion of the leaders of the Simms Society that much should be done
both in Russia and in the USA to commemorate Simms and his activity. William Gilmore Simms was a genuine
patriot of not only the South but also of the whole America and hoped to see the country strong and united. During
his long and hard life he has always been a devoted and unselfish defender of the state policy which could provide
the development and flourishing of the Southern States. And his hearty desire to devote himself to his country
should not be considered his fault.

In my book about Simms, published in 1997 (Ufa, Russia) I tried to remind the facts of Simms biography,
paying special attention to the ideas of Unionism which dominated Simms's mind and views in 1820-1830ies,
when he was sure that only the Union of the North and the South would provide peace and economic stability to
the region and to the whole country. In the 1840ies he stopped supporting Unionism, but there had been several
extremely important reasons for that. In my book I analyzed some of these reasons and came to the conclusion that
Simms was a sincere person and a true citizen and his influence upon American and even world Literature was
great. I would be happy if I had an opportunity to translate my book or at least part of it from Russian into English.
This might be of special interest for my view is a view from the other part of the world and it might be unexpectedly
fresh and even to some extent more objective.

I should also mention that my efforts in Simms have been appreciated by the American edition "Who is Who
in the World" which included my biography in the edition of 2001 and 2002 and by International Biographical
Centre of Cambridge, England, which included my scientific achievements in the special edition " 2000
Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21St Century"— First Edition, Cambridge, England, 2002. This means that the
historical justice about William Gilmore Simms,should be and could be restored.

Looking forward to taking part in the Simms Conference in future. All best wishes.


Doctor of Philology, Professor Eugenia A. Morozkina.