Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | 2003
Transcription Chronicles of Ashley River---No 1.
Now it came to pass in those times,
that the village being grown into size and
appearance, began to find wants for the
use of moneys for the well doing of the
place ; such as the providing for the chil-
dren, which being from English parents
mostly, did need the instruction of the
schools, to the end that they might be
made worthy and becoming company to
their parents, and for the honor of the
great island from which, through many
trials and misgivings, they did take their
rise. And for, that there did gather much
filth in the thorough-fare at the quay or
landing place, where the fish boats did
meet and assemble at the dark, which in
time became hurtful to the presence of
the good people of this settlement; and
nobody considering it proper to do that
for the community which all desired e-
qually, it became a special matter of con-
sideration with the council, to lay a tax
upon all of the inhabitants, the Governor
and themselves, therefrom, une cehtcd, of
ninepence, (English) for the making of
a learned and proper man, to be the wri-
ting and reading teacher of the little chil-
dren, who shall be unable to do more ca-
pable work; and to make an officer to
keep the main thorough-fare inofi'ensive
and pleasant ; thereupon, these said wor-
thy lieges and gentlemen, to wit, the Gov-
ernor, William Sayle, Joseph West, Wil-
liam Potter, Peter Travis, Richard Moore,
Present; Edward Morris and Isaac Phelps
being absent in that day in a fishing af-
fair with Jim Hillman, the lighter and
harbour marker ; it was agreed and de-
termined in the words following, to wit: