Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | 2003
Transcription That Peter Travis, do have the instruc,
Lion and tutorship of nineteen boy and
seven girl children, in nil, filling twenty
six ; and that from the ringing of the morn-
ing bell of the market place, until the
setting of the dinner hour, making in all
six hours, he should fill them with plea-
sane learning and profitable, and discourse
to them morally and of good things. And
that furthermore, to requite unto the said
Peter Travis, for the use of his time as
required for the groper doily of the said
service, a certain slim in English, be gath-
ered from every male and female head of
of family in this town, the said Peter
Travis, alone being excepted therefrom,
and the said measure did become a law
in the province, and was recorded by
James Waters, clerk to the council in the
book of the minutes, accordingly. The
council did furthermore determine, after
proper inquiry made, what the said sum
in English should be, when it was held
that one shilling and three -pence per
head for the year, should be the amount
of tax aforesaid ; the said Peter Travis
not being held to teach in the five months
of November, and December, and January,
and February, and March ; but only in the
remaining months of April, and May, and
June, and July, and August, and Septem-
ber, and October. Then an election was
made that in consideration that Jim Hill-
man was an active and sober man, of
good speech, and decent action, of an in-
dustrious manner, and deserving of favor,
that the said Jim Hillman should, by his
negro main Pharoah, or any one whom he
should consider, keep the thorough-fare
leading to the market, commencing from
the market and ending at the pine row
below the door way of Ebenezer Foot-
man the tin worker, in decent and proper
condition, by removal of all filth and ob-
noxiousness ; furthermore, that in pro-
per time, he should contrive with the