Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | 2003
Transcription rubbish left therefrom, to fill up and dimin-
ish the great horsepond to the west of the
house of the Governor, William Sayle ;
and forasmuch, as these are beneficial
to the people of this town, it is consid-
ered that the said Jim Hillman, accord-
ing to his petition, herewith read and ac-
companying, do have the sole and exclu-
sive use, occupance and privilege of all
that slip of ground and embankment,
heretofore known as Mary's Neck, and.
lying to the south of the market. slip, to
be used as the said Jim Hillman shell
consider fit whether in building or fit-
ling as a boat point, to the utter exclusion
and defiance of all other persons claim-
ing or to claim, under any grant of the
colony whatever, all past enactments of
the council to the contrary, notwithstan-
Now did this matter give great discon-
tent to some folks, who always find sub-
ject of evil in others wiser and better than
themselves; and indeed did this law bear
hardly upon one old matron, named Abi-
gail Tchew, who had dwelt on the said
neck of laud, called Mary's Neck from
the time of the decease of Mary Gallaher,
who first held it from the council, and by
whose name, it was measureably known
and considered. Now, the said Abigail
Tchew, did claim by a certain term .of
possession, to hold on to the said Neck,
but then the council did soon have her
come away, and did assign her a dwel-
ling almost over against the Governor's
own house. But the said old person,
who was by nature of a sorely disconten-
ted spirit, and had been of much discorn-
fort to her husband Peter Tchew, who
was shot by the Indians at Oyster point,
did conclude as much from the tax of one
shilling and three pence, to depart from
out the square of the Town, to be free
of making payment when the tax gath-