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Short Stories | 2003
Transcription person, and did give a handsome gold
headed cane to Jim Hillman, who had
behaved like a stout gentleman ; saying
pleasantly that as Jim had broken his
stair in his (tire Governor's) service, it
was but needful he have a better one in
stead :—after this the old woman Abigail,
being quite healed, did depart with much
secrecy in the nightitne, taking with her
the small boat called 'Columbus' being
after the great discoverer of that name,
belonging to the foremel,tioned Jim Hill-
man, whom, thus she took the opportu-
nity to be revenged upon ; and men
thought she had been drowned of her
own will and consent, but it was soon
found that she had taken her abode in an
old hut, made by the fishermen at the
very point called oyster Point, and no
where could Jim Hillman find his boat,
nor would she give any satisfaction there
upon to any body, but only laugh outright
when questioned thereto. It was con-
sidered therefore, that she destroyed it
by some devilish aid (for after her affra
upon the council, men believed her to be
instigated by the Devil, if not himself b
some of his agents) as it was strong and
too much for a woman, even in mid years
to remove or get rid of by any human
means whatsoever. Here endeth the first

Chronicles of Ashley River --_No. 2.
A month, of thirty days, had now gone
by, since the departure of Abigail Tchew,
acid the town abode in quietness during
all that time ; when at the morning, who
should pay a visit to the good people of
the place but the aforesaid Abigail, in
the very boat which she had taken from
Jim Hillman, the lighter, and which now
Jim Hillman with some difficulty got re-
stored. The Council took no note what-