Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Short Stories | 2003
Transcription made this statement, the matter was dis-
missed from men's minds, and Mistress
Abigail was held as one troubled with an
evil spirit. This person, however, seem-
ed fully persuaded of the truth of her ac-
count, and accordingly went back to her
habitation, much discontented.
Some time had passed after the depar-
ture of Mistress Abigail, when at the
Old Lion' tavern, kept by Mistress Bet-
ty O'Connelly, a1! Irish lady in years,
who held the house of James Moore, at
the northwest corner. of the Main-square
leading to the market place. It being
evening, there came to get liquor Redfoot
the Indian Chief, «'ho thereupon got ve-
ry much intoxicated, and threatened
forthwith to slay, with his great knife,
the aforesaid landlady, Mistress ' Betty
O'Connelly. Whereupon, he was pre-
vented in so doing, by one Rory McAl-
lister, the drill sergeant of the militia
who came between, and prevented mis-
chief. Now, Rory McAllister was alto-
gether a proper man, and a stout ; and
thereupon it was maintained-that the. dad
was not.far, when Mistress Betsey would
be overpersuaded to let the 'Old Lion'
have a new master. But let the time
bring the time. Of this matter the Chro-
nicle hath yet nought to say. Now, Red-
foot, the Chief, albeit somewhat quieted
by Sergeant McAllister, was nevertheless
far from being inoffensive and harmless ;
for waxing more wild and inconsiderate
as the liquor began to-be more direct in
effect upon him, he grew more and more
abusive and troublesome in the end ;
thereupon Mistress O'Connelly did desire
that the aforesaid Rory McAllister would
stay abit, and maintain proper order and
decorum, in her house,, so long as the In
dian Chief was thereabouts. Sergeant
McAllister did thereupon mix him a nog=
gin of a multifarious drink of sugar, and
egg, and rum, and did draw to the door-